Free Design Tools

Hex Code Color Picker

This tool can be used to find out what the hex code color is for any spot on an uploaded image. For example you could upload a .jpg of a red logo and then click on a red section and it will tell you the hex code of the red is.

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Pixlr - Free Photoshop Alternative

Pixlr can do a lot of the same photo editing that you can do in Adobe Photoshop for free! There is a paid version of it that can do more but the free version can do most any basic image editing. We have a link below to the tutorials section on the Pixlr website. Pixlr is a very popular web application and has many specific tutorials on youtube.

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Adobe Color Palette Tool

This tool is great for coming up with color palettes to use when changing the colors in loom32 designs. Just try playing with positions of the dots on the color wheel and you will see the colors in the five color blocks change. The hex codes for each color are listed at the bottom of each color block.

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